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Jobless Scheme

when i was on jobseekers allowance, one of the options open to me was volunteering for a job for free. sounds simple right? well thats what i thought a first. in my mind it was a couple of days a week in a charity shop, doing something while i recieved my benefit.

now i am not one to complain about recieving benefits when they are needed. i was actively seeking a job at the time (i have sort of found one now) so i was claiming this small amount from the government to keep me going untill i managed to secure myself a place in the working world.

the thought of volunteering was actually quite an attractive one. it would mean i could get out of the house, and give back to the community. however, it wasnt that simple.

the work placement was to be a full time working experience lasting for a duration of something like 8 weeks with britains number one corporate monster “Tesco”. the lady talking to me about it saw the expression on my face and quickly decided to give me some time to think about it, so another appointment was planned a couple of weeks down the line.

i didnt think much of it at the time. but, when recently a news article surfaced on the BBC website i saw what was really going on. apparently there are quite a few companies that are a part of this, where they get employees for free, with little or no extra benefit for the person being ‘employed’.

it just shows how much the corporations have intwined themselves with the government, to the point where they recieve workers they dont have to pay for a full days work.

now i am not completely against working schemes, i am currently looking to start an apprenticeship with an IT acadamy and i am required to secure a work placement for when i am finished training. although the company i will be working for will not be paying me, i do get a wage from the company that runs the apprenticeship program that meets the national minimum apprenticeship wage.

below is the article that bought this to my attention if anyone wants to read it

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